Tokenomics Tax

Doge Rewards smart contract:
Doge Rewards is a BEP20 token with an elastic supply which rewards its holders with a positive rebase formula, thus creating the highest paying, AutoStaking and AutoCompounding token, all backed by Defi 3.0 multi-yield farming.


Public Sale: 38%
Liquidity: 19%
Burn Fund: 22% (2-4% of total circulating supply every week.)
Reserve fund: 5% (Strategic partnerships i.e. Exchanges listing, KOLs, future investors...).
Team: 10%. Vesting 0.4% weekly (~6 months fully vested) *Locked for 6 Months
Marketing: 6%

Transfer tax:

Doge Rewards is focused on providing holders with PASSIVE INCOME AND PRICE STABILITY. Therefore it is in everyone's interest to have a fee structure that will encourage long-term holding and discourage day-trading and pump & dumps.
For that reason and to create sustainability, our fee structures to support the project are as follows:
Buy Fee: 9 %
Sell Fee: 16%
Transfer Fee: 12%.