Buy/Sell Taxed

Buy & Sell FeesEvery time someone buys or sells Doge Rewards, there are fees on the transaction. These fees on buys and sells are an important part of the Doge Rewards Protocol.
The fees provide the capital to sustain critical functions and ensure the long-term sustainability of Doge Rewards .The current fees are (13% for buys and 19% for sells) which allows Drw to provide holders with the high APY of 159,402.57%.
The higher fees on sells both discourages short-term day traders but also whales from dumping supply. In the event that they do, all holders of Doge Rewards will benefit from the transaction.
  • Buy Fees
  • Sell Fees5%
  • Doge Rewards Insurance Pool5%
  • Liquidity Reserve4%
  • Treasury9%
Doge Rewards Insurance Vault
helps sustain and back the Staking Rewards provided by the Positive Rebase.Liquidity Reserve - backs the liquidity of the BUSD/Doge Rewards pair on PancakeSwap ensuring an ever
increasing collateral value of $Doge Rewards.
provides a marketing budget for Doge Rewards and funds the investment in multi-yield APY farms. The Treasury also supports the Insurance Vault when needed.