Airdrop And GiveAway

Airdrop Campaign
We will spend 2% for the airdrop exclusively and will divide it into 4 rounds to receive the airdrop. (All tokens from the airdrop sent to lucky customers will not be locked or blocked for sale).
Round 1 we will give us a total of 40 million tokens. 75% for lucky people to receive tokens. The remaining 25% will be for the top 100 referrers.
In round 1 each Airdrop participant will receive:
🔸 8000 DGW each for 5,000 randomly selected participants
👫 50.000 DGW each for top 200 referrers.
Particularly, the top 3 referrers will receive:
Top 1: 550,000 $DRW
Top 2: 350,000 DRW
Top 3: 150,000 DRW
Note: Airdrop players are required to follow our rules of the game. Before the end of the airdrop for each round. we will confirm the participants by filling in the google form. to avoid fraud or use Bot to receive tokens.