What is Defi 3.0 Multi-Yield farming & Buyback to liquidity?

The farming and buyback system is one of the most valuable components of Drw .
To do this, the protocol uses both the Vault and the Treasury. 4% of all buys & 9% of all sells go to the Drw Treasury farming/buyback wallet. Unlike other projects these funds do not sit idle.
The funds are invested at the highest APY farms and other crypto currencies with the profits then added back to the DIV fund. So the DIV fund will grow exponentially with at least 50% additional value a year.
Buybacks & Burn function will use this DIV fund to support the Drw price.
Previous buybacks can be viewed on the "Buyback History" panel in the dashboard.
During a buyback, $DRW tokens are bought back, paired with $BNB, and "burnt" to the $DRW /$BNB PancakeSwap V2 liquidity pool.
This not only increases the token price, but it also increases the pair's liquidity.
There are two major accomplishments here:
  1. 1.
    First of all, you no longer need to always keep up with the latest and greatest farms across all these different blockchains. You can just buy the Drw , relax, hold, and reap the earnings via 2.041% daily reward or a compounding 159,402.57% APY and buybacks from farming rewards.
  2. 2.
    When the price falls after a sell, 10% of the sale will be invested in aggressive yield farms that will be used for a future and powerful compounded buyback.