Doge Rewards Overview

Doge Rewards is ready to revolutionize DeFi with the Drw Auto-staking Protocol, or DAP.
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Good to know: Doge Rewards uses multiple factors to support its price and the rebase rewards, including leveraging research in human behavior and game theory to determine the habits and investing patterns of those who buy the token. All of these elements are integrated to work seamlessly behind the scenes resulting in a simple, yet powerful auto-staking and rewards protocol that works for Doge Rewards holders.
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*We are confident that we can support 50% higher APY than other high APY projects while still being sustainable.
Price Support - We use the buy/sell tax to create the Drw Treasury. We invest a portion of the funds in the highest APY farms and then the profit is brought back to Drw and deposited into the treasury funds to boost the Drw Treasury. Our experienced group of professional traders aims to deliver an additional 50% returns a year to provide more support to the Drw price floor.
Rewards Paid Every 15 Minutes - Drw pays rewards every 15 minutes around the clock, making it the fastest auto-staking protocol in crypto.
Effortless Auto-staking - No more moving tokens around. Instead we provide staking right in your wallet. From the second you buy Drw , your coins are staked and already receiving Rebase rewards. We’ve made this so easy, even Doge can do it.
2,410,988 % Fixed APY - We set out to create the highest fixed APY on all blockchains. When other tokens offer APYs that fluctuate, you never know how many tokens you will receive. Drw pays holders a fixed interest rate of 2.041% which is compounded daily. This results in the highest APY (2,410,988%) in the industry.
Some of the Benefits of $Drw are:
We are thrilled to launch Drw - an auto-staking protocol backed by DeFu 3.0 yield farming on BSC. Drw brings an unparalleled, fixed APY of 2,410,988% to the BSC blockchain.
These are exciting times in the crypto universe as the technology continues to advance, allowing better, more reliable projects to help you reach your financial goals. The team at Drw is committed to innovation in the crypto space, and finding new ways to leverage new technology to produce outstanding returns for investors.
The Drw Auto-staking Protocol creates the highest fixed APY in the market at 2,410,988%. This is possible because of the daily compounding interest (6.605%) which you begin earning the second you invest in Drw .
Our design system is written in React, and can be installed into your project via NPM or Yarn.
Then use them in your app or components:
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